ConveYour Can Handle Your Courses

In this video, Jason will use ConveYour to...

  • import a Safety/Compliance Training SCORM Package; create dripped content for an internal weekly podcast
  • create dripped content for an internal weekly podcast; build an SMS Text Engagement for Sales Training
  • build an SMS Text Engagement for Sales Training
  • highlight an Adaptive Learning Onboarding course

Whether you're dripping your content, shooting SMS Text messages, importing SCORM Files, or creating Adaptive Learning Onboarding, ConveYour can handle your courses! For more information, schedule a FREE Demo today:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:46 Safety/Compliance Training SCORM Package Import
  • 01:28 Weekly Internal Podcast Setup
  • 03:03 Sales Training SMS Text Message Engagement
  • 03:47 Adaptive Learning Onboarding Walkthrough
  • 04:33 Learner Portal Introduction
  • 04:53 Weekly Internal Podcast UX
  • 05:56 Adaptive Learning Onboarding UX

Product Updates

Updates: November 2021

ConveYour Commands for searching & creating; ConveYour Boards for easier onboarding; and Related Contacts for linking contacts to each other

Updates: December 2021

TypeForm Integration, Must Listen Audio, Passing Grades, and other improvements!

Campaigns Redesigned Summer 2020

This redesign comes packed with new features, plus major improvements to how campaigns are organized and managed.

Multi-Lesson Releases in ConveYour

Create content quicker while giving your learners a seamless experience and cleaning up your content canvas.

ConveYour's New User Interface

Check out our Better, More Efficient User Interface

Adaptive Learning with Automations

Build powerful adaptive learning workflows. Automate the release of microlearning lessons and courses based on changes in learner profiles or learner behavior.