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Unbounce let's you build, publish & A/B test landing pages without an I.T. deparatment.

With this Unbounce plugin, you can push contact information from Unbounce into your ConveYour account when someone submits a form on one of your Unbounce landing pages.

Step 1 : Get your Unbounce webhook URL from ConveYour

In your ConveYour account go to Settings > Integrations > Unbounce.

Unbounce landing page webhook url

Copy your webhook URL

Step 2 : Install the webhook URL into Unbounce

Add your webhook URL to your Unbounce ladning page.

  • Log into your Unbounce account
  • Navigate to your desired landing page
  • Click on "Webhook : POST to URL"
Unbounce webhook location
  • Paste your ConveYour Unbounce webhook URL and save.
Paste in webhook URL

Good to know..

Your form must have an email field with "email" as the field name.

We will automatically add special unbounce fields to your ConveYour which you can use for segmenting and campaign building!

Unbounce Custom Fields

Tracking events!

You can turn your unbounce forms into "tracking" forms! Here's how..

  • Change form/identify to form/track in your Unbounce URL
  • Add a hidden field in your Unbounce form called "event" and give it a value (usally a verb).

Example, <input type="hidden" name="rated_course" value="5"/>

  • Make sure you have an email field for the user to identify who they are.

When submitted, this would create a tracking record in ConveYour on the contact with that email address.