Sending Your First Poll

Sometimes it's helpful to gather opinion or consensus on a topic before or after you discuss it with your group.


Here are a couple of scenarios in which sending a poll through ConveYour can be helpful:

Poll the Audience Before a Presentation:

This is a great way to create an ice-breaker and talking point to start off a presentation. By understanding where the audience stands on an issue - before you present about that issue can be very powerful, and involves the audience even before the event.

Poll the Audience After a Presentation:

Follow-up a great presentation to find out if opinions have shifted, or how the audience received the information, or even find out which areas of the presentation were not understood or could have been presented better for next time!

Poll Students Taking a Course

If you are creating a learning module, sometimes a poll can involve the students on a different level. And, if you show the students how their answer stacks up by percentage alongside other participants in the course - they can feel more involved and see that they "are not alone" in their opinion.


The following video shows you how to set up your first poll within a lesson. This video assumes you have already setup a campaign and have an audience to whom you would like to send a polling question

And this video quickly demonstrates how to select the lesson for your campaign or course:

Learn More

Learn more about creating lessons - and include a poll as part of your lesson plan. A poll is just one of many lesson items available in ConveYour Lessons.