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Adding Lessons to Your Course (Campaign)

NOTE: This help document was developed for the previous version of Campaigns. If you have an updated version of campaigns on your account, (and the screenshots/video below do not apply) go to new campaigns adding content and lessons >>

Once you have created a lesson... what now? Ideally, you are building a library of lessons that you can pull from. In the demo video below, I'll show you how to use triggers from your Campaign Menu to add a lesson to your course (campaign).

In Main Menu > Lessons

Build out and test your lessons in Lesson Builder.

NOTE: Naming conventions for your lesson can become very important. If, for example, you wanted these lessons to appear in a certain order, include the number related to the desired order of appearance.

In Main Menu > Campaigns

Select Triggers to add triggered content to your Course/Campaign.


Select Add New Content or Automation


Select Lesson as the type of content you want to add


When prompted with I'm a Pro Show Me the Settings, or Guide Me - select Guide Me the first time through and let the system walk you through setup. If you select I'm a Pro - you can expand or contract each of the steps individually as shown below:


Basic Settings

Under basic settings, simply name your lesson. Give you lesson a name that will help the learner understand the order of appearance and/or hint at the content.

Give it a Visual

Select a background visual associated with this lesson - use the gallery or upload a jpeg that works well within the portal.

Add Alerts

Update your alerts for both SMS (mobile) and for Email. This is the section that can be confusing at first. When getting started - keep the default set to Send SMS, otherwise send as an email. This implies that your audience may or may not be engaging with the lesson via mobile device. In either case, you will want to updat the text that corresponds to Notify SMS and Notify Email.

Select the Sender Email

It's important to choose a personal email you have associated with this account (as opposed to an [email protected] Using a real email address helps these message not get caught up in a SPAM folder. To setup custom sender addresses - please reach out to the help desk: [email protected]

Select the Reply To Email

Select the same email as above, unless you have an admin setup for handling intial responses.

Edit Notification messages

Edit the notifications or alerts that will go out to the learner to allow them to link to the portal and engage with this lesson. If this is the first in the series, it's really important to update these alerts. In self-paced courses, you may turn off all alerts for the additional lessons.

When editing the text:

  • Make it personal! use placeholders as necessary to pull in their name, and use language that is conversational
  • Keep the message short and sweet.
  • The SMS or text notification should be especially short. Long text=unhappy learners.
  • Include the portal URL **

Remember to include the link **url to ensure the learner can link through to view this lesson. In both the SMS and Email options, the link is provided for you. The SMS notification is using a placeholder to pull in the link to the learner portal. The Email notification uses a stock "Here's your link to answer & get more points!" - you can change the text to reflect what you have going on. If the blue highlight disappears - you will need to highlight your new text, select the "link" button in the toolbar above and type in url with two curly brackets on either side (as shown below) as the link to the learner portal.

Your customized alerts might look something like this when complete:


Select Your Lesson

Select the Lesson - using Pick Your Lesson or... you can create one on the fly by selecting Create Lesson


Schedule the Lesson

When do you want this to go out? Is it self-paced or a drip course? Select the appropriate timing for this content to be released to the learner. Learn more on selecting the right timing here.