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Do you use Humanity to manage your staff scheduling? ConveYour provides a built in integration to Our clients often sync with HRIS systems continually so that they can automate training experiences when employee information changes.

Here's how to connect ConveYour to your Humanity account.

Go to API-V2 Settings in your Humanity account.

Before setting up the integration in ConveYour, you'll need to create an API application in Humanity. The settings page you need to visit for this is

Create a new API Application in Humanity

Create new Humanity API Application

Add App Secret and Token to ConveYour

Copy your new app's secret and token. You will use them in the next step in ConveYour.

Copy Humanity App secret and Token

Inside ConveYour, go to settings > integrations > Humanity.

ConveYour API

Submit Humanity Form in ConveYour

Once you have plugged in your Humanity app key and token, enter your Humanity username and password. Don't worry! We don't save your password at all. We use it one time to authenticate and generate the necessary access token.

Customer Fields

ConveYour tries it's best to map Humanity fields to the desired ConveYour fields. Our default mapping is listed below. However, you may have custom fields in Humanity that you want to map to specific fields in ConveYour. Please reach out to ConveYour support as we can help you link your data correctly.

Reach out to Support

Our support team can make sure your staff roster is syncing accurately and consistently. Please use our in-app or on-site chat system for help.

Training Automation

Syncing your team roster is the first step in building an automated training system. Check out this video to learn more about training automation with ConveYour