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Groups Folders for Organization

To help you stay organized, we have introduced group folders! They work much like lesson folders, in that you can create a new folder and set folders for the groups.

Quick scenario - maybe you want to keep older groups for reference, or for comparison with other groups. Create a folder called “archive” or “past”. Go to New > Folder

create new group

and name your folders. Click save, once the folder is named. Do the same for additional folder sets you need such as "Current" or "Archive" or "Leads":

naming groups folders

When you click Save, your folder will display in the groups interface.

Now, go through and set the folder for all of the groups you don’t currently work with, but still need to look at the list, or recall their progress, in the future. Use the context menu for the group, and click "set folder".

set group folder

Groups for Sales Teams

Another scenario might be in the sales realm, you could sort groups by “leads” “warm” “cold” “nurture” etc. That can help you keep groups of contacts organized as well. (And perhaps, you already sort contacts using contact “boards”).

Parent Folders and Sub-Folders

You can also make subfolders within parent folders - which provides another level of granularity for your organization. Maybe within your "Leads" folder you want the subfolders "warm" "cold" and "nurture". As you create a new folder, you have the option of setting its parent folder:


Remember that groups are a great way to sort your contacts and add them to messaging campaigns, which can save you time. Learn more about contact boards in our contact help documentation.

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