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Using Lessons for Compliance Training

Need Compliance Training?

"Compliance training" is a blanket term that companies use very broadly and can refer to everything from training on internal procedures, to state-mandated safety training, to federal mandatory security training. More and more, companies are being tasked with ensuring employees have taken the required training so they can tick that box.

Sadly, the words "compliance training" have also developed a negative connotation. Any employee who has had to suffer through an hour's worth of content that basically says the same things over and over will tell you - it's something they don't look forward to.

So how do we make compliance training quick, painless, and easier to stomach?

We can't make the requirement go away, but we can make a deal with you.

From you, the content creator - keep your content short, succinct, and to the point. Try being real, and not too "staged". Add incentives, and a little healthy competition, plus a few questions or activities along the way, and you can make compliance training way more compelling and keep learners engaged throughout.

From us - the platform we provide you includes easy-to-build lessons, video options to ensure they are watched in entirety, and engagement funnels designed to report on learner completion.

What follows is a brief overview...

Easy-to-build Lessons

One of the ways ConveYour is serving to meet this need is through the development of lessons. Not only are lessons easy for companies to build, but also they can be delivered in a method that suits the learner, conveniently to a mobile device. So the employee can consume the information on the go, on a lunch break, during a train commute, or even after they put the kids to bed.

Here's the kicker - lessons are very easy to build. Drag and drop content types to the lesson canvas, include a video, ask a question, and include external links to required paperwork they need to sign.

The process is relatively painless for the course developer. Easy to deploy. Easy to add groups of employees to specific courses. Once you have your lessons built, you can re-use them in multiple training campaigns. For more information on adding lessons to campaigns - visit this link. For more information on getting groups of people added to campaigns - visit this link.

You can use existing lesson videos, or create new ones on the fly. ConveYour offers a wide range of video support so there is probably a solution for you, no matter where you host your video content.

Ensuring Compliance

Best of all - the video item in lessons builder has an option that ensures that the training video will play, in its entirety, without being skipped, before the question or next step button appears. This helps you to ensure compliance easily. You can also view stats on where individual learners left off, or whether or not they have viewed the content, by creating Metrics showing the individual "has viewed" content.

Lessons also offer a variety of question types to gauge learner comprehension, and you can even encourage a little healthy competition - including awards and incentives. Employees can view the leader board at any time to see who's ahead - triggering a natural instinct to stay engaged and reach for the prize!

Measuring Engagement

If you need to monitor progress, or simply ensure completion, ConveYour offers solutions to tracking learner progress, and viewing percentage of completion.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you build better compliance training, and amplify engagement!

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