Help / Campaigns

Introduction to Campaigns in ConveYour, what they are, how they are used

Getting started with campaign setup in ConveYour

Adding Campaign Information in ConveYour

Working with contacts in ConveYour campaigns

Setting welcome messaging for campaigns in ConveYour campaigns.

Adding Content and Lessons to your ConveYour Campaign

How to test your campaign within ConveYour and from the End-User perspective

How to release or schedule content at the right time in ConveYour.

Using the embed methods to embed information and forms to invite people to sign up for your ConveYour campaign.

Using a Landing Page to invite participants to sign up for your ConveYour course.

How to sign up for a ConveYour campaign using the hashtag method.

Setting your timing options in ConveYour campaigns.

Setting up options for what the learners views in their ConveYour portal.

Basic Campaign or Course Setup for ConveYour using the Campaign Setup Wizard.

Billing options for your ConveYour course or campaign.

How to reuse campaign logic through campaign templates.

How to reset a piece of content for a participant.

How to quickly send a blast message to everyone in your ConveYour campaign.

How to let your learners pause your course and then resume later. Or give them the option to completely restart your course.

Adding participants to your campaign/course in ConveYour

Pre-launch checklist for ConveYour campaigns

Stopping and deleting campaigns in ConveYour

Learn how to invite people to participate in your ConveYour campaigns.

How the default community campaign works in ConveYour.

The passing grade required feature in ConveYour

Creating and using banner images for ConveYour

Viewing statistics on ConveYour campaign progress.

Using a ConveYour campaign for sequencing a learning program or series of courses.

Sending a series of automated text messages to your contacts by creating a simple SMS, or text message, campaign.

Sell your content easily with . Sell courses, challenges, and assessments through one-time fee or subscription.

Seamlessly cross-sell and up-sell your courses within $app_name